Aristocat Sailing Cruise

Aristocat Sailing Cruise :: Bali Hai Cruise :: Bali Cruise Package

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Aristocat Sailing Cruise by Bali Hai
Lembongan Island View from Air
Sailing to Nusa Lembongan with Aristocat Sailing Cruise
Snorkeling in Lembongan with Aristocat Sailing Cruise Package
Sail away from Bali to Lembongan island
View from Lembongan Island, Mount Agung Bali

Aristocat sailing cruise program by Bali Hai is operating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Depart from Benoa Harbor at 9.00 am and return to Bali at 6 pm with the beautiful sunset view. Sail away from Bali to the beach club private beach in Lembongan island, relax on the golden sand, lie back in the shade of tranquil garden or cool off in a lagoon pool.

This is an unforgettable moment for your day trip to Lembongan island.

Aristocat Sailing Cruise to Lembongan

Trip to Lembongan island aboard our sailing catamaran cruise with complimentary soft drinks and refreshment and then enjoy the delicious BBQ lunch grilled at poolside cabana.

After lunch continue for village tour in Lembongan, the home of seaweed farmers. Enjoy water sports like Banana Boat rides, pool volley ball, snorkeling and semi submersible coral viewer. Also you can try scuba diving with professional instructor from PADI.

Aristocat Sailing Cruises Package

Adult IDR 1,550,000 net / adult
Remark: Free hotel transfers for minimum 2 persons
Children 8 - 14 years old IDR 1,050,000 net / child
Remark: Children age start from 8 - 14 years old

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Aristocat sailing cruises package included:

  • Air-conditioned Hotel Transfers in Bali
  • Sail to Beach Club
  • Morning Tea/Coffee and Snacks
  • BBQ Lunch on Nusa Lembongan
  • Snorkeling Equipment and Instruction
  • Beach/Pool Games
  • Children’s Activities
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Lembongan Island Tour
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Complimentary soft drinks during sailing to Lembongan Island
  • Under-water viewing chamber
  • Semi Submersible Coral Viewer
  • Towel
  • Locker

Other Bali Cruises Packages Options

bali hai 2, luxury catamaran

Beach Club Cruise

Price Range: 980,000 - 4,700,000 IDR

Cruise to Lembongan Island aboard Bali Hai II and relax on the golden sands in tranquil Lembongan Bay at the Bali Hai Cruises private Beach Club.

Aristocat castaway cruise, nusa penida island

Aristocat Castaway Cruise

Price Range: 1,200,000 - 1,600,000 IDR

Landing in your own remote private island paradise and enjoy the clear waters of crystal bay in Nusa Penida island with Bali Hai Aristocat Castaway Cruise program

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Bounty Bali Cruises

Price Range: 0 - 100 USD

Bounty Cruises is a high speed catamaran service which departs daily from Benoa Harbor to Lembongan island

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Sunset Dinner Cruise

Price Range: 600,000 - 2,800,000 IDR

Enjoy Bali Hai Evening Dinner Cruise around Benoa Harbor and see the sunset from the luxury catamaran ship

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Three Islands Day Cruise

Price Range: 980,000 - 1,400,000 IDR

Cruise to the three sisters island of Bali, Ceningan, Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island in one day with Bali Hai Cruise

bali hai cruises, lembongan cruise, luxury catamaran

Lembongan Reef Cruise

Price Range: 980,000 - 4,670,000 IDR

Cruise to Lembongan island with the luxury catamaran Bali Hai vessel II and enjoy the unforgettable moment in Lembongan with your family

Aquanauts by Bali hai cruise, bali hai cruise day trip

Aquanauts Day Cruise Packages

Price Range: 1,950,000 - 2,300,000 IDR

Aquanauts Package is full safe to exciting underwater experience which uses our unique underwater helmet to allow you to breathe underwater.

bali hai, dolphin cruise

Bali Hai Dolphin Cruise

Price Range: 544,000 - 786,000 IDR

Experience an exhilarating early morning high speed cruise along the coastline of Nusa Dua to view wild dolphins.

Bali Hai, sailing catamaran, evening cruise

Aristocat Evening Cruise

Price Range: 670,000 - 910,000 IDR

Enjoy your evening dinner aboard our exclusive Aristocat Evening Cruise sail towards Nusa Dua for an evening of fine dining and entertainment.

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Quicksilver Cruises Bali

Price Range: 50 - 100 USD

Enjoy day cruise with Quicksilver Bali to explore Nusa Penida and enjoy water sport activity at super water garden and marine life.

bali fun ship, island explorer cruises, lembongan island

Island Explorer Cruises

Price Range: 580,000 - 1,060,000 IDR

Day cruises program with Bali Fun Ship or Relax Yacht to exploring Lembongan island from Benoa Harbor Bali

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