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Night Safari
Tiger at the Night Safari
Couple Dinner
Fire Dance

Enjoy BBQ dinner, see Fire Show at best safari park in Bali and unforgettable safari experience after dark. The tour start from 6.00 pm with Walking Safari, Night Safari Journey, Dinner at Nkuchiro or Tsavo Restaurant with wild animals outside the windows, fire dance and photo with animal. 

Satisfy your senses with the unforgettable experience of a night time adventure in the wilderness.

Night Safari Package Price


Package Prices and Inclusions

Adult IDR 990,000 net / adult
Children IDR 792,000 net / child
Add Hotel Transfers IDR 450,000 net / car

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Night Safari Package Inclusions:

  • Welcome Drink 
  • Walking Safari 
  • Night Safari Journey (1x) 
  • BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Restaurant 
  • Afrika! Rhythm of Fire Show 
  • Natural Wildlife Encounter 
  • Tax included 
  • Valid after 6 PM

Other Bali Safari and Marine Park Options

leopard bali safari, leopard package

Leopard Package Bali Safari

Price Range: 450,000 - 1,440,000 IDR

Leopard Package at Bali Safari and Marine Park is full day unlimited safari journey and education visit at the Park, in this package especially visit Javan Leopard, Sinyulong Crocodiles and many varieties of fish.

safari journey at bali safari park, jungle hopper

Jungle Hopper Package

Price Range: 450,000 - 720,000 IDR

Jungle Hopper is one of popular safari package at Bali Safari Park, an unforgettable experience at the home of amazing animals representing over 100 species, including the rare and endangered Komodo Dragon, Orangutan and the Bali Mynah.

elephant show at Bali safari park

Dragon Package Bali Safari

Price Range: 450,000 - 990,000 IDR

Dragon Package is one of Bali Safari Park tour program more fun and educational journey especially to know for rare and endangered animals like Komodo Dragon.

rhino at bali safari, rhino package

Rhino Package Bali Safari

Price Range: 1,500,000 - 1,890,000 IDR

Rhino Package at Bali Safari is one of best Safari package who want to know more about Rhino. This tour will bring you to see five living species of Rhinoceros.

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