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Pandawa Marine Adventure is a water sports tour company located at North of Tanjung Benoa, about 10 minutes from Nusa Dua Beach and about 45 minutes from Kuta. Many water sports activities you can enjoy here like Parasailing Adventure, Diving, Snorkeling, Snorkeling, Seawalker, Fly Fish, Fly Boarding, Jet Ski and many other. Supported by professional instructor and good maintained equipment will make your water sports experience more fun and unforgettable. 

Enjoy many kind of water sports activity with Pandawa Marine Adventure and get special discount from

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coral and trolling fishing tour
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Banana Boat Ride with Pandawa Marine Adventure
Sea Star Walker or Ocean Walker
Wild Dolphins Watching Tour
Coral and Trolling Fishing Tour
Parasailing Adventure by Pandawa Marine Adventure
Fly Fish by Pandawa Marine Adventure
Big Marbel by Pandawa Marine Adventure
Fly Boarding by Pandawa Marine Adventure

Water Sports Unit Price

Pandawa Marine Adventure open everyday except Nyepi Day, open from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm. The best water sports tie is from 9.00 am - 2.30 pm, after that the sea level usually running low. Minimum 3 activities and minimum 2 persons get free hotel transfers for several area in Bali and lunch at our beach restaurant.

Choose some water sports activity and get our special offer by send the booking form.

Pandawa Marine Adventure Special Price

Service Name Price
Parasailing Adventure USD 25 net / person
Duration about 6 minutes and start from the boat
Banana Boat Ride USD 15 net / person
Minimum for 2 persons with duration 15 minutes
Jet Ski USD 20 net / person
Jet ski 15 minutes with instructor
Donut Boat Ride USD 15 net / person
Minimum for 2 persons with duration 15 minutes
Sea Star Walker USD 45 net / person
Duration about 25 - 30 minutes dive
Wake Boarding USD 20 net / person
Duration 15 minutes
Water Ski USD 20 net / person
Duration 15 minutes
Glass Bottom and Turtle Island Farm USD 15 net / person
Minimum for 2 persons
Snorkeling Clear Waters USD 15 net / person
Minimum booking 2 persons with duration 60 minutes
Scuba Diving USD 35 net / person
For 1 time dive or about 45 minutes
Big Marbel USD 20 net / person
Minimum for 2 persons with duration 15 minutes
Fly Fish USD 20 net / person
Two times fly
Coral and Trolling Fishing USD 105 net / person
Minimum for 2 persons with duration 4 hours trip
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Pandawa Marine Adventure price included:

  • Hotel transfers for minimum 3 activities and minimum 2 persons
  • Lunch for minimum 3 activities and minimum 2 persons
  • All safety equipment
  • Tour guide
  • Water Sports Instructor
  • Facilities use (shower, locker, changing room)
  • Tax and services
  • Insurance

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