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Payung rafting is one of kind rafting adventure at Ayung river that you can enjoy in Bali. This white water rafting will provide a compelling challenge and adrenaline of each participant. Payung rafting is safe and accompanied by our experienced instructors.

Distance for this rafting is approximately 12 kilometers and can be completed whitin 2 hours. The river also has several small waterfals and can see the beauty of Bali carving along approximately 200 meters that made by the Ubud artists, which can be used as backdrop for photo taking. Payung rafting offers the diferent sensation rafting to try.

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White water rafting at Ayung River
Lunch at the panoramic view restaurant
Ayung rafting with Payung rafting
Rafting adventure at Ayung river
Small waterfal at Ayung river
Bali rafting with Payung rafting and our experience guides
Preparation and briefing from staff before rafting
Reservation to confirming your booking

White Water Rafting

Ayung river is known as the best river for rafting in Bali and the most favorite and the choice of leading operators in Indonesia. 

Payung rafting price included:

  • Safety equipment, included safety helmet and live jacket
  • Professional trained and experience guides
  • Buffet lunch
  • Towel, shower and changing facilities
  • Water resistant bags are provide for your valuable
  • Insurance coverage


Service Name Price
Adult IDR 350,000 net / adult
Children 07 - 12 y.o IDR 250,000 net / child
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Included return transfers for minimum booking 2 persons

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