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Bali Tours Category

General Informations

Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is inseparable from religion. A small offering of food and flowers must precede even dances for tourists. Before performing, many dancers pray at their family shrines, appealing for holy "taksu" (inspiration) from the gods.

Bali Temple Ceremony

We provide the informations for temple ceremony and other ceremony in Bali, such as: Galungan Day, Kunungan Day, Nyepi Day and the other

Bali Restaurants

The centerpiece of any Indonesian meal is steamed or boiled rice.Accompanying dishes include various preparations of chicken, duck, beef, goat, all kinds of seafood and vegetables, either steamed, boiled, braised, stir or deep fried, roasted or grilled over coconut husks.

Interesting Places in Bali

The complate information about places of interest in Bali, places to visit, tourist sites, destinations, tourist object, and what to see in Bali Island