Bali Temple Ceremony

Bali Temple Ceremony :: Informations Of Temple Ceremony In Bali

Bali island has been known as Island Of Paradise, along the way you will find some of the temples, big temple or small temples. each temple has its own history, each of the inauguration of the new temple is considered the birthday of the temple and the celebration always happens on the same day within 6 months in calender of Bali or 210 days, each temple has a different celebration with another temple, but there also have the same celebration, celebrations generally selected on the full moon.

Simple guidance when attending a Temple Ceremony

- Always wear a sarong and sash.
- Do not walk in front of people when they are praying.
- Do not use flash or point your camera at the priest's face!
- Never sit higher than the priest, the offerings and/or people praying.
- Women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstruation.

galungan, ceremony

Galungan Day Ceremony

Galungan Day Ceremony is a festival to celebrate good triumphs over evil.

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Bali Temple Ceremony

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The centerpiece of any Indonesian meal is steamed or boiled rice.Accompanying dishes include various preparations of chicken, duck, beef, goat, all kinds of seafood and vegetables, either steamed, boiled, braised, stir or deep fried, roasted or grilled over coconut husks.

Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is inseparable from religion. A small offering of food and flowers must precede even dances for tourists. Before performing, many dancers pray at their family shrines, appealing for holy "taksu" (inspiration) from the gods.

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